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Past Reviews – Star Trek Into Darkness

Hello All!    (Sunipal) here!  A while back I had started a different reviews blog, but that fell by the wayside…mostly because I forgot my account information and couldn’t log back in. LOL Anyhoo, I thought maybe I’d post a review or two from back then onto our new blog.  I had to post the following rant because any time I think of this movie it just aggravates me to no end and that needs to be shared.  The original blogpost was from May 2013.  I’ve made a few modifications/additions to the original review in bold.  So, check out my review of Star Trek: Into Darkness below:


I have a lot to say about the newest Star Trek film, but I feel as though if I start I won’t be able to stop.  Here goes anyway:

                The film began with a lot of promise, but it is a big disappointment.  It has a lot of action and looks great and fits in well with what we know of this new Star Trek universe, but they tried too hard to connect back to the Trek we know and love and that was a huge mistake.  It wasn’t a mistake to try, it was a mistake in the way they did it, which was a total RIP-OFF of a classic!  It was ridiculous!  I was loudly scoffing towards the end.

                Let’s go through this little by little, shall we?  Here are some of the good things from this film, in no particular order:

–          Love Chris Pine.  He is a natural and a good fit as a young, arrogant Kirk. (He was a tad more annoying on a 2nd viewing.)

–          Like the chemistry between these characters and actors.  It is because of the chemistry that a lot works in this and the previous film.

–          The action is fast and exciting and there’s lots of it.

–          There were a few little bits put in specifically for Trek fans (Ketha province, mentioning Nurse Chappell, Dr. Marcus and mentioning Daystrom, though this one kinda irked me.  If you know who he is then you’ll figure out why. )

–          The soundtrack is very good. (Though, not at all memorable after the fact.)

Here are some of the qualms I had with the film, again, in no particular order:

–          The film was SO predictable!  There was nary a surprise to be found!  And I went in virtually spoiler free!  Sure, some of the aforementioned throw-backs to other Trek characters, places, etc. were fun, but story-wise it was not surprising at all.

–          Before my next point let me say how much I dislike Zachary Quinto as Spock.  He’s horrible.  Reprehensible, really.  He is a TERRIBLE Vulcan!  I understand that they are trying to make this Spock different, with his anger management issues and his relationship with Uhura (something else I’m not really a fan of), but Zachary Quinto is just awful as is his Spock. (Sing it, Sister!)

–          Aside from the little nods to the Trek universe, their attempt to connect this film to an already existent and awesome universe as we know it was just ridiculous.  The very emotional, climactic scene at the end was a total RIP-OFF of  Wrath of Khan!  Ripped it off!  Completely!  Cue my scoffing.  It wasn’t just annoying and lazy, it really angered me.  I can see why they did this, because on the one hand they think us Trekkies will eat it up and be so happy to see such an homage (not homage, buddy, this was a total rip-off), while still pleasing the general fan by giving them a gut-wrenching moment between two friends and what’s supposed to be a sad death scene.  The problem?  The friendship between Kirk and Spock is hardly developed, the “death” of Kirk is stupid because you obviously know they’ll bring him back (and who couldn’t figure out how?!) and Zachary Quinto portrayed Spock as a blubbering fool (I’m sorry, but there’s NO WAY Spock would ever have cried like that and then lost it).  Having that jackass yell the classic line of “KHAAAAAAAAN” just made my blood boil.

–          Speaking of not developing character relationships very well, let’s talk about the fact that this movie only centred around Kirk, Spock and Uhura.  Sure, I know that you can’t focus on all characters all the time (but you can have screen time for all characters while focusing on the majors…Trek 3 anyone?…Trek 4 anyone?….Trek 5 anyone?), but they effectively banished all other characters into their respective corners for the duration of this movie!  Having Scotty abruptly resign takes him out totally, then sending Chekov (albeit a very bright young man, but he’s a flippin’ ensign!) to take over Engineering took him away from the bridge and the action and Bones was nowhere to be found and when he was there it was only to throw out cheesy, but entertaining, one-liners (where’s the development of his friendship with Spock and Kirk?!).  This brings me to Sulu…they threw him into the command chair simply because we all love Captain Sulu so much.  Yes, this made me giggle and I was happy that John Cho’s Sulu got some good screen time, but what of the other characters?  (This really irritated me more and more after the fact.) I was really annoyed with the lack of Bones. (Man! You have no idea!)

–          As I’ve already said, I love original Spock, but having him make a useless cameo in this film was cheap and unnecessary.

–          One of my biggest issues with this film was the gratuitous bra and panties scene.  Unnecessary and un-Trek like.  Sexiness and scantily clad women are not some unchartered territory, especially by Jim Kirk, but there’s a time and place and way to show skin.  Green alien girls dancing around or in bed, as in the first film, showing the two girls with tails in this film, etc., but showing Dr. Marcus changing her clothes in some lame attempt to force chemistry between Kirk and her was not to my liking. (Argh!  SO unnecessary!)

–          They killed Pike.  How hard would it have been to keep him alive and then in a wheel chair?

–          I both liked and hated that they were on the ground at Starfleet so much, but my first instinct was “What the?!  This is Trek!  They’re supposed to be in space!”

–          There was not nearly enough space!  They take on trip to Kronos and that’s it! (Actually, I don’t even think they called it Kronos in this movie…but I may be mistaken.)

–          The aliens were all over the top and weird.  They didn’t have to be.  My sister made the good point that Gene Roddenberry never wanted actor eyes to be covered up when playing aliens, but in this film they were all covered.  Every. Single. Alien.  Even the Klingon had contacts to give him weird eyes.

–          The story itself was stupid.

–          Khan.  That’s it.  I had a problem with Khan.  I had a problem that they even tried to tackle the character of Khan and I had a problem that this was the guy that ended up being Khan.  They also didn’t mention the Eugenics War once.  (Unless I missed it?)

–          Khan wasn’t at all Punjabi.  I didn’t think of this until after we left and my sister mentioned it to me, but it’s true.  They actually could have made him Punjabi!  Seeing as how they cast a virtual nobody in the role anyways, how hard would it have been to have cast someone with a bit of a tan? (The fact that they could’ve made him Punjabi isn’t at all a big deal and something they obviously don’t need to do to please anyone.  I went back and watched this movie a 2nd time to give it another chance and did so after watching lots of Sherlock and loving Benedict Cumberbatch.  I thought, perhaps, my like for him would rub off onto this 2nd movied watching experience.  It did not.  This movie was WORSE the 2nd time around.)

–          One of my biggest issues was that the Enterprise looked all wrong!  My brother was really bothered by the Spidey costume in that lame-ass Spiderman film they released last year and now I understand how he felt because I reeeeally didn’t like what they did to the nacelles!  Never mind that, the entire time the Enterprise was being destroyed in the final sequence I was getting so upset because this would allow them to “fix” it however they liked!  This is the ENTERPRISE!  You don’t mess with that.

I know that every complaint I’ve had here can be countered with either:

Relax, it’s a movie – nope, sorry, this is trying to become a part of the Trek ethos and is held to a higher standard than other films

Well, they did something similar in past films – i.e. destroying the Enterprise to make a new one – I don’t care.  It is too early for them to be doing anything that would result in major changes.

Let it go, it’s an alternative universe – And this, my friends, is the ONLY reason I was okay with this film and was able to enjoy it as I watched it. (Although my sister will always remind me that if we accept this alternate universe then that means we accept the planet Vulcan we’ve watched and known is totally destroyed…hmm…)

That having been said, I enjoyed it as I watched it, but liked it less and less the more I thought about it.  My immediate reaction was “Meh, it was o…kay…but there were lots of things that bugged me and it was way too predictable.” (NOPE.  NOT OKAY.  NOT IN THE LEAST.  This movie is terrible.)

There you have it.

– ☀️