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Sholay 40th Anniversary


One of the greatest movies ever made is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. Sholay is counted as one of top films on both Bollywood and mainstream movie lists. The story is one that has been told before (Seven Samurai, Magnificent Seven), but this was something different. The raw, brooding and even frightening (I was terrified of Gabbar!) characters are not what anyone expects from a Bollywood film. The chemistry between the cast is off the charts. The fun parts are really fun and the serious parts are so intense. If you have not seen Sholay I highly, highly suggest you stop what you are doing and watch it. Now.

20-Hours of Harry Potter – FOR CHARITY!

Hello everyone!

This Friday – July 31st – Sunipal and I are going to be doing a movie marathon, but not just ANY movie marathon, a Harry Potter movie marathon… For charity!!

For about 20 hours, from 6am until 2am straight, we will be watching all 8 Harry Potter films back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-(*gasp*)-back-to-back-to-back-to-back!!

Even though as movie nuts, this would have been fun to attempt for no reason, we thought it’d be more fun to do this marathon for charity!

In honour of (the cctual haracter) Harry Potter’s 35th birthday and JK Rowling’s 50th (both July 31st!), we are raising money for Lumos – JK Rowling’s own charity, which helps children around the world in poor living conditions and institutions.

If anyone stumbles on this and would like to donate, please do check out our fundraising page here:

In preparation so far, Sunipal is knitting a Hogwarts House colours blanket, my Hogwarts house nails are half-done and I tried making these “Butterbeer Bites” that I found through Pinterest:

Mine kind of look more like chicken nuggets… 😛 (But the little bits I’ve eaten so far taste amazing!!)

I am hoping to try out a recipe for actual Butterbeer on Friday too. We are also planning to make ourselves some Harry Potter-themed shirts, so suggestions are welcome!

Follow along with our marathon on Twitter and YouTube and — Happy Birthday Harry Potter!! (Oh, you too, JK Rowling! 😛 )

R.I.P. Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

Christopher Lee played some of the most iconic characters in movie history, including Dracula, Saruman and Count Dooku.  And he also had a few Heavy Metal albums on top of that!  The last single he released was announced on his 90th birthday!
Christopher Lee played some of the most iconic characters in movie history, including Dracula, Saruman and Count Dooku. And he also had a few Heavy Metal albums on top of that! The last single he released was announced on his 90th birthday!

To say Christopher Lee had a full life would probably be an understatement.  He lived to be an amazing 93 years old, and in that time he accomplished more than many of us could ever really hope to.

He fought in World War II as a Flight Lieutenant and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2010.  Through his mother’s side of the family, he was actually related to the infamous Borgia family – his mother was, in fact, a Contessa, which would explain the regal quality and air he always seemed to have.

But… did that stop him from making a lot of ridiculous and campy movies?  Hardly!  By the time he passed, Christopher Lee had starred in over 200 films (almost 300, really!) and even still had 3 films listed as being in the works.

Christopher Lee was probably best-known to the world – up until the 21st century, at least – for the work he did with Hammer films in the 50s-70s, particularly playing Count Dracula.

Photo 2015-06-11, 9 40 13 AM
Even though Bela Lugosi is (rightfully) known as the classic Dracula, Christopher Lee is a close second, having played Dracula 9 times!

Once the 21st century did come along, most of us – myself included – became more familiar with him through his playing Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequels and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings (as well as a number of roles in Tim Burton movies over the years).

Count Dooku is definitely the best part of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Wonderful delivery of his lines and an all-round great character.
Christopher Lee was a huge Tolkien buff, so being part of the Lord of the Rings films meant a lot to him. He played Saruman in five films – the three in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (his Return of the King scenes are on the Extended Edition only) and two in The Hobbit trilogy (An Unexpected Journey and Battle of the Five Armies)

One of the most interesting things I recently found out was that he actually had a number of Heavy Metal albums!

I highly doubt we’ll ever come across another entertainer/performer – or person – quite like Christopher Lee again.  He was a legend, an icon and one-of-a-kind.

I keep saying that even though I know he was 93 (just a few weeks ago on his birthday I sent my sister and brother a message telling them it was and rejoicing at what a fantastic age he’d reached), and that he accomplished so much and had such a full and great life, I am still very saddened by his death.

He was one of those people I just always thought would be around (he did, after all, play Dracula!).

But, my, what a wonderfully amazing life he did lead.

R.I.P. Christopher Lee.  Thank you for all of your accomplishments and sharing your talents with all of us.  You will be missed.

– PJ